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Looking for a web presense optimized for new leads? Or, have a unique application you need developed? NuTech Services can provide the solutions you need.

With decades of experience focusing on SEO and business automation, NuTech Services helps business bring more profits to their business by smart, targeted advertising campaigns, while cutting cost via automating away labor-intensive tasks with custom software & apps.

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Below is a short list of services we actively provide

Web Site / Online Presence

Web Development

From basic websites to complete eCommerce platforms – we empower you with the tools you need to successfully find new clients.

Unlike traditional web developers who “just build websites” – we want to learn about your business or organization’s long term goals and build something integrable to reduce tedious tasks today, yet scalable for long term growth tomorrow. Whether it’s a simple, WordPress-based site (like this one) that’s full of rich articles, or a Drupal-powered site for more complex businesses and organizations, NuTech can help identify the right tool for the job, implement what you need, and execute to meet your goals in a timely fashion.

SEO / Targeted Advertising

Whether you are offering a physical product or software licenses – it’s obvious that target web advertising through platforms like Google Ads is becoming a cornerstone of many companies’ marketing plans. Sure, you can do it yourself… but (expensive) mistakes can be made. Here’s a short list of things to consider writing off / not hiring an outside agency for your SEO / Targeted Advertising:
> Are you looking to maximize profit or maximize marketshare for your business? (Pro tip / Reality check: You can’t really target both – it’s one or the other.) How does this decision affect my online marketing strategy (Hint: Are you looking for max conversions or max RoAS?)
> How do you restrict your ads in to specific geographical locations – especially for local businessess – to not waste dollars on clicks from undesirable locations?
> What tools are you using to block competitors / botnets from clicking on your ad and costing you ad dollars? (Hint: Click fraud is a HUGE problem)
> Is paid online advertising even worth it? Would a grass-roots approach be most cost effective (Hint: Look at & study Crumbl Cookies, who heavily focuses on social media – at the expense of hiring an in-house marketing manager & careful coordination with their production / menu offered each week.)

Custom Application Development

Whether you need a check-in app for events, a time-clock app for employees, access control apps for visitors, or something else – we can do it. Here’s a preview of what to expect in the process:

Initial consultation

A 30-60 minute meeting for discovery / discussion goes over what your goals and expectations are, and we can help determine if it’s a viable option from a time frame and/or budget standpoint. If you’re interested, we can provide a draft of technical specifications as a deliverable post-meeting, along with a fair price quote. From there, it’s up to you if you’d like to proceed – the first steps are simple. Some items to consider to prepare for your 1st meeting with us:


  • What features / goals do you need to accomplish with this app?
  • Do you need hardware – AIOs, tablets, mounts, kiosks – with these solutions? If so:
    • Where will each ‘station’ be located? Is there nearby power? Or, do we need to run new wiring?
    • Which tablets / phones / devices will you be running the app from? Will it be an Apple iPad? Android / Samsung Galaxy Tablet? Microsoft Surface tablet?
  • How long will this setup need to be functional for?
  • Are additional changes expected, where long term maintainence is required?

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Development Process

App Workflow

Should NuTech be selected, the development process begins, along with the 1st deposit. Some concept screenshots and workflows are provided to show what the user experience is expected to be. Changes can be made within a reasonable number of revisions to optimize the end user experience – until the complete workflow is agreed to. The Client signs off on the workflow presented, thus beginning coding development.

App Coding

In the next stage, the app’s code is developed to meet the requirements and workflow previously discussed. Additional workflow changes here are permitted, only as Engineering Change Orders (ECO). When appropriate, prototype of the app is given to the client for testing to confirm it meets with expectations.

App Testing

with optional, complete hardware solutions

One afterthought most businesses make the mistake of is to develop the app – but neglect the necessary hardware testing that can make or break an end user’s experience – especially on low cost options like Android tablets. NuTech – along with our hardware partner VidaBox – has access to a complete library of over (45) different tablet models – ranging from the first iPads from early 2010s to the latest iPad Pro models [Apple iOS], and all current Windows Surface Go & Pro tablets [Microsoft Windows], plus all 2015 & later Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

Final Sign Off w. Maintainence Plan

Once the prototype app (& optional hardware) passes the client’s in-house testing, we can deploy the app onto the respective Apple App Store / Google Play Store, or provide an executable for Windows Based systems. A formal sign off for the project is done, and a maintainence plan would be in place should any bugs / issues arise that need fixing over the long term. Additional features and changes can also be started with a new agreement to ensure continual success of your installation!

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