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Below is a short list of services we provide and practice ourselves for decades

Pre-Market Evaluation Services

Viability Evaluation

Does my product have a market fit & profitability?

The unfortunate reality is: Many ideas & concepts simply don’t have a market – not because they’re “bad” designs – but inventors can sometimes get myopia and miss key, critical features their clients want – making their efforts unfruitful. NuTech provides a completely independent, honest assessment of your product – to help steer you back in the right direction not just towards profitability – but market domainance.

Price Discovery

How much should I charge for my product?

Product / Service pricing is typically determined either on “what the market will bear” or “what the product costs plus margin” – but unless you have decades of experience, it’s easy to mis-price your offering and lose our on potential profits, [or] be overpriced and lose sales & marketshare. Whether it’s a physical good or a digital offering, let NuTech’s decades of Price Discovery experience guide you to the optimal price.

Prototyping / Design Engineering

Creating the 1st model

How do I make my idea into a prototype?

With the advent of 3D printing and myriad of digital production tools, it’s easier than ever to turn your idea into reality. However – using an analogy – that’s akin to saying: “you can be a world class chef since you have access to a supermarket.” The challenge is knowing which inputs (ingredients) and best practice processes (recipes) to use to create your 1st world-class product (the meal). Let NuTech’s experienced team guide you with best industry practices to avoid costly pitfalls on money and valuable time lost that could be best spent bringing ideas to market.

Production Engineering

How can I mass produce inexpensively?

With a prototype in hand – does it mean we can start selling? Not quite. Optimizing a hardware or software product for mass production & deployment is a totally different science compared to making your first prototype. Hardware issues like tolerancing could mean saving dollars per part – software techniques like using obsfucation tools can help protect your code from being decompiled and copied by competitors & copy cats. Let NuTech help guide you with our years of experience to save you thousands or even millions of dollars over the life of your hardware or software product.

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Production Optimization Services

Mass Production Engineering

Where to produce the goods for quality control?

It’s very common these days to “follow the herd” and make your products overseas to reduce cost – but it often comes at the expensive of poor quality control (at best), or your OEM factory turning around to sell your design to other companies to slightly modify and copy (worse case scenario) – so how do you prevent these issues from happening? NuTech has had decades of experience mitigating overseas production risk by combining our trusted list of suppliers with local, US-based production for key components. If you’re having problems with your vendors – contact us today and see how we can help steer your production back to meeting higher quality requirements while minimizing costs and the ever-present threats of copycats.

Packaging Engineering

How do I store, ship, and present my product to clients – safely and attractively?

Most inventors treat packaging for their hardware offerings as an afterthought or leave it to their OEM factory – but that’s a big mistake, especially if it’ll be offered on retail shelves. Even for eCommerce-based offerings – is the corrugated box selected optimized to protect your item in transit without damage? Are its dimensions optimized to fit into multi-pack boxes to lower your storage costs, if you’re using 3rd party logistics companies for fulfillment? Does it need instructions for setup / installation – and if so, how do you optimize the instructions to minimize returns and support calls? Don’t make the mistake of thinking “a plain white box is good enough” for your product – it may end up costing you in the long term with frustrated clients if items arrive damaged or setup isn’t clear. Contact us today to learn how you can avoid these costly pitfalls by optimizing your packaging.

Patent Protection & Global Distribution Solutions

Patent Protection

How do I protect my idea / product?

Do you have a successful product that’s market-ready and shipping? Congrats – as it’s a huge accomplishment! …but how long will you maintain your market’s domainance and prevent copycats? Patents can come into the picture – and surely anyone can file a patent themselves to save a few bucks… but was the patent Wordsmithed to carefully to cover not only today’s product, but tomorrow’s iterations? NuTech has access & direct relationships with some of the US’s most experienced patent attorneys, to help make sure your product gets the protection it deserves now and in the future.

Global Distribution

How do I ship product globally – quickly and inexpensively to my clients?

From experience, while the US is the biggest market for consumer products, overseas markets like UK, EU, Australia, and Canada shouldn’t be ignored. A common tactic is to simply resell to a distributor and let them handle import-export sales for each region – but distributors that only ‘take orders’ and not ‘get orders’ can cost you growth opportunities and unwitting breed competitors in smaller markets (at best), or at worst – a bad distributor can tarnish your hard earned reputation. See how NuTech can help scale sales and distribution into foreign markets with our in-house developed network of trusted 3PLs, proprietary software that seamlessly integrates online or in person sales with fulfillment, or meeting challenging regulations like WEEE/PACK for shipping in regions like the EU.

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