Real Estate Management Training

RE investing seems to be all the rage these days along with the ideas of “earning passive income.” With over 70 years of combined experience, NuTech Services Team wholely owns and actively manages over 70+ doors all over the US. Whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to take a more passive role and move away from self-managing your properties, we offer complete solutions, ranging from:


  • New / Novice Investors
    Experienced Investors
  • Backend Office Support for Real Estate Companies
  • Bookkeepping Services

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Below is a short list of services we provide and practice ourselves for decades

For New / Novice Investors

One-on-One Personal Coaching

Is RE Investing even an appropriate choice?

Many get into RE investing based on what they saw on social media or read in a book – typically an upsell into expensive coaching – but is it really what fits you best? The NuTech Services team has spoken at hundreds of events and thousands of people at live events over the past several years – and with the tens of thousands of hours spent, we can quickly and accurately assess if RE investing is an appropriate choice.

Unsurprisingly – many investors choose Real Estate investing despite other easier, higher-priority personal financial goals that should be achieved first.  Contact us to get a quick assessment of your personal situation – with no sales pitch into expensive, often unnecessary coaching programs.

Startup Business Consulting

Which is the most appropriate RE investment?

If you want to learn how to successfully invest in real estate, the first choice is identifying which investment type is most appropriate for you.  Many just target deals for “maximum return” – but what your return is also based on which asset(s) you have.  We’ve found it extremely helpful to ask new RE investors:

  • What do you have in terms of: Investment Timeline, Investable Money/Assets, or Available Time/Energy?

Most investors will fall into one of a few common categories, which will determine the best path moving forward.  For example, many new investors fall into:

Long time horizon, moderate money/assets, alot of available time / energy

This type of investor is typically younger and just starting out.  In this case, active deal making (e.g. Wholesaling) may be the most appropriate as it doesn’t require large sums up front, but does require alot of “sweat equity”


For Experienced Investors

Backend Office Optimization

How can I make more from what I have?

With deal flow becoming more challenging in a rising interest rate environment, it’s more important then ever to work with a consultant like NuTech Services, and focus on maximizing existing streams of income by streamlining operations, eliminating waste, and increase profit by:

  • Streamline new tenant acquisition
  • Minimize service turnaround times for tenant requests 
  • Decrease tenant turnover
  • Eliminate tenant resistance to rising rents w. enhanced leasing techniques
  • Applying for property tax grievances (where applicable) 

Bookkeepping Services

Improve Ops w up-to-the-month reports

Improving operations and maximizing profits sounds great on paper – but do you have your accounting set up properly to know where your assets stand?  Most property managers provide monthly reports, but we find that most investors / mom-n-pop landlords only review their books once a year – at tax time.  Problems such as repair overruns (that could be resolved permanently with repairs) or non-paying tenants aren’t noticed several months or quarters after the initial issues crop up.  Make sure your accounting backbone if up to snuff – and you can get the help you property needs with NuTech Services.

Have a question? We have answers.

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Property Exits

Sale vs Refi vs 1031 Exchange

Which is the best option? Not so easy w taxes…

With the massive increase for real estate value in the past few years, many clients have opted to sell their properties – but many sophisticated investors are also choosing to:

  • Refinance (so you can keep the building + income) – A wise option for longer term income, but owners are still liable for operations [or]
  • 1031 Exchange – An optimal choice for owners looking to scale, the challenge here is not just finding the next deal – but to finding the right team of experts to navigate thru the legal requirements (declaring target properties, finding a qualified intermediary, etc.)

Take advantage of NuTech’s experience to determine which is the most appropriate exit – as well as our network of outside RE professionals to guide through complex 1031 exchanges.


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