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Have a problem?   We can help.  NuTech Services has been engineering solutions and solving problems since 2000.


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Whether you need personal mentoring, or professional consulting for your company – NuTech Services can speed you along the path of success.


Business Consulting


Most entrepreneurs fail because you’re working in your business, not on your business. Get an unbiased analysis & see what’s holding you back.

Personal Mentoring

Working hard, but feel you’re not moving ahead?  We’ve all been there!  We can’t promise any quick fixes or easy outs, but our time-tested strategies can achieve consistent, positive results.

+ Successful Products & Inventions

+ People & Lives Positively Impacted

Years of Problem Solving Experience

Single Point of Contact for Answers

Our Work Flow



By looking at the issue from an outside perspective, we help prevent myopia and identify what’s holding success back.



Whether it’s a strategy to set, marketing initiatives, or more – we provide and design viable options to reach the goal you have in mind.


We practice concepts like ‘lean’ & ‘minimum viable product’ to get results ASAP.  Go from ideas to solving problems – fast.


No process is complete without looking at the end results – as budget allows, we use analytics, client feedback, & other metrics to refine our solution to meet – or beat – the original goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?  We have answers. Contact us via phone, email, or see the right and learn more!




NuTech Services’ Specialties

  • One-on-one Personal Mentoring
  • Startup Business Consulting
  • Backend Office Support for Real Estate Companies
  • Bookkeepping Services
  • Rapid Branding & Business Presence Services (48-72 hours)




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What kind of clients does NuTech work with?
NuTech Services specializes working with motivated persons on personal mentoring, with a specialization in mature Real Estate companies as well as startups for business consulting.  Note that not all prospects are accepted by NuTech Services.  We start with a brief phone consultation to see if we’re a good fit – and let you know up front if and how we can be of help!
What is the typical turn around time for results?
Positive results can usually be seen in as short as 4-6 weeks for the first milestones, but real, true project success usually takes 12-24 months, whether we’re working on reducing personal or business debt, reaching personal goals, or dealing with major company strategy pivots and market focus changes.  As the project goes on, variables like the budget, scope of the project, or available allocatable resources can also change – shortening or lengthening the total time to completion.  Contact us to learn more.
Can you provide strictly technical (i.e. a la carte) services?
It depends – NuTech Services focuses on providing complete solutions that will bring long term success.  Mini projects like consumer education, completing a website, new logos and branding, or just designing a single product are just small steps on the much longer path of progress, and limiting our scope of involvement may be done on a case-by-case basis.  Contact us to discuss.

“Thanks to Steven & his advice, I was able to turn my co-op sale from a definite loss to a gain!  With some time, elbow grease, and his sales & marketing insight, we were able to close the buyer final purchase price of $225k – from a several thousand dollar loss to a 7% profit!  That would’ve never happened without his help!”

Warren C.

Digital Product Engineering & (Former) Co-op Seller, Johnson & Johnson / RE Investor

“Everyone who is even remotely related to RE management, and conducting related businesses should attend! Steven does a great job of conducting the [New York Long Island Landlord Association] meeting.”

Hrant A.

Landlord / NYLILA Member, Real Estate Investor

I have been a NYC landlord since 90’s. The [New York Long Island Landlord Association] meeting here far-exceeded my expection of those similar RE meetups. There were very useful knowledge & solid information I picked up from Steven, the organizer. Thumb’s up!

Leo C.

NYC Landlord / NYLILA Member, Real Estate Investor

“Having the right people on your team can mean the difference between successand failure. My experience with having Steven participate in many crucial aspects of my multifamily apartment deals has been very helpful.

He has demonstrated his ability to help create a win-win atmosphere for both sponsors and investors in meeting their investment goals, and in educating many investors as to a better understanding of the investment process and expectations. I find him both professional and pleasant to work with, and his drive, enthusiasm and focus to be very helpful in any project he applies his efforts.

I saved a ton of time with his consulting assistance in many areas and look forward to working with him again on my next deal as well as long term.”

Chris M.

Owner and Managing Partner in Several Properties and Apartment Buildings, C. R. Diamond Properties

“Steven is an amazingly intelligent person with a great variety of business knowledge. He helped me create a clear action plan to collect important appointment density analytics data so I could boost my business exponentially. He was excellent at pointing out where my business could go online and in real time, and I am extremely grateful for all he has done for me so far. I give him an A++ and highly recommend him as a consultant for business. Thanks Steven!”

Rosemary A.


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Drop us a line anytime, and tell us what you’re looking to accomplish.  We’ll set up a meeting at your convenience, and see if we’re a good fit!