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New York Long Island Landlord Association

New York Long Island Landlord Association (NYLILA)

Ever have a tenant problem, and not sure what the best way to deal with it is? Or, trying to figure out if a new deal / acquisition is worthwhile? This group is for you! We’re an active group that will be doing monthly meetups in the New York / Long Island area to help fellow landlords – come join us to grow your real estate business!

Success Engineering

Success Engineering

[Launching 2nd Half 2017] Ever feel you’re working hard at your job or career – but you’re still not getting ahead? Or worse – you’re willing to work hard, but there are no opportunities? Then our “Success Engineering” meetup is for you!  We meet about once every 2 months, and go over various topics on personal development, financial knowledge & literacy, plus networking! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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